3 Questions for Emiliano Sampaio [VIDEO]

In these short interviews I ask musicians and composers, from various backgrounds, the same three simple questions about music.
  1. Why do you have music in your life?
  2. How do you make music?
  3. What excites you musically right now?

I will be presenting these once a week over the next few months with local, national and international musicians and composers.

In this episode I’m talking to guitarist, trombonist, conductor, arranger and composer Emiliano Sampaio.

Born in So Paulo, Brazil,Emiliano is currently developing his Doctoral Research with a focus on the use of improvisation for large Jazz Symphonic Orchestra at the University of Music and Performing Art of Graz.

Emiliano has released eleven albums as bandleader with his trio, his nonet and his own big band.

In 2020 his new album Music for Large Ensembles Vol II is being released with works for a very large group of string orchestra, classical percussion, oboe and harp as well as a jazz ensemble. He has won many composition and instrumental music prizes, including the 3rd Prize in the Jazz Comp Graz Composition Contest and many Downbeat Student Awards in the categories ‘Best Jazz Guitar Player’, ‘Best Blues/ Pop Guitar Player’, ‘Best Arranger’, ‘Best Composer for Large Ensemble’. As conductor, arranger and composer, he has worked with diverse professional big bands and orchestras around the globe such as: Metropole Orkest (Holland), HR Big Band (Frankfurt), Lungau Big Band (Salzburg), JazzKombinat (Hamburg), Uptown Big Band (Bern), WAYJO (Perth), Fete Huppe (Hannover), Big Band Copenhagen, HRT Croatian Radio Band, Regensburg University Jazz Orchestra, Graz Composers Orchestra, Mere Big Band (So Paulo), Soundscape (So Paulo), Speaking Jazz Big Band (So Paulo) Badi Assad, Dominguinhos, the Trombone Quartet of Campinas, Rebecca Sharp and Golden Ground.