Lake Minnetonka wishes you a very Happy Batman Day [VIDEO]

Apparently, today is ‘Batman Day’ — the annual event started in celebration of the iconic comic book character’s 80th Anniversary, and it is evolving into a staple of the pop culture calendar.

What does have to do with us — i.e. with a website dealing with Australian Jazz? Well, every holiday needs music to dance to, and the best bat-themed party soundtrack was created in Melbourne, a couple of years ago, when the city’s combustible funk powerhouse Lake Minnetonka, presented their own take on Prince’s spectacular score for Tim Burton’s Batman movie — i.e. the second best Batman film ever made (Batman Returns being, of course, the best.)

Lake Minnetonka’s bandleader Adam Rudegeair.
Here’s the video of Lake Minnetonka having a blast. Enjoy!
Francoise D’ Argent and Henry Manetta, backstage.

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