Charlotte Mclean – “ The most important thing for me is to have fun working with people ”

Charlotte-McLean“I think the most important thing for me is to have fun working with people… I feel as though the best musicians to work with are the people that are really enjoying what they do and getting along with the rest of the band”, says Charlotte Mclean, up and coming Brisbane songstress and down to earth jazz adventurer. “As important as making incredible music is, I think kindness and professionalism is a necessity. It isn’t about doing “impressive stuff”, but rather to make music that you love to play and people love to listen to!” she says.
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A graduate of Brisbane’s Jazz Music Institute (JMI), Charlotte’s musical journey so far has involved performing alongside James Sherlock, Toby Wren, John Hoffman and even Hugh Jackman (to name a few).
Australian guitarist Toby Wren has worked extensively with Charlotte, including playing guitar on her debut album Knocking Bird, released independently in 2014.
“Charlotte Mclean is one of the best emerging vocal talents on the Australian jazz scene. A beautiful tone, great expressive range and an adventurous improviser” he says. Since 2008, Charlotte has been performing regularly throughout Brisbane and says that the Brisbane jazz scene inspires her.
“When I see an inspiring gig in Brisbane I go home wanting only to write or practice. Every time I see Kristin Berardi or Leigh Carriage this happens. I am always inspired to see people playing in intimate environments such as JMI Live as it is such a genuine experience.” When asked what inspires her to write new music, Charlotte answers that “usually people inspire me to write music! Mostly my family or people who have come into my life to teach me something new. I also wrote a series of songs to do with “fruit” a while back, but they didn’t turn out as expected so I guess I should stick with writing about people.”
The Charlotte Mclean quartet offers a refreshing mixture of both original music and jazz standards. On April 1st, Charlotte will be joined by critically acclaimed Australian jazz guitarist Bruce Woodward, Jake Bristow (Organ and piano) and Aaron Jansz (Drums). They will be performing an intimate concert of Charlotte and Bruce’s originals as well as some some high energy swinging standards. A perfect way to spend a Friday evening at JMI Live, Bowen Hills! 8 – 10pm. Come early and stay late for an open jam session.
Charlotte Mclean will also be delivering a vocal workshop at JMI Live on Saturday 2nd April. For more information, visit the JMI website.