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DAN SHEEHAN & CHRISTIAN WINDFELD: “Infinite Ape has come to embody the idea that in art and in life, nothing is impervious to change”

Christian Windfeld: “[our music] is real-time composing and the free-flow of ideas and emotions – an extremely democratic and very accessible music that will calibrate your ears and tune you into the sounds that constantly surround you”.

Review: Shreveport Stomp, Browne, Anning, Hannaford

Shreveport Stomp cover

Shreveport Stomp (Jazzhead, 2011) Allan Browne, Marc Hannaford, Sam Anning Review by Daniel Sheehan It’s amazing how a performance can be inseparable to a particular time and place, and so unique to the voices involved, even when the material in question is universally well-known and frequently documented. The trio of Allan Browne, Marc Hannaford and …