CD Release: Words (Collider)

Words (Collider)

Debut Album by Collider is out now and being launched at Uptown Jazz Cafe in Melbourne on Friday 1 March

Words (Collider)
Words (Collider)

Recorded in 2012 Collider’s first album Words looks for inspiration from the literary world.

The three pieces written by Kynan Robinson center around the work of Japanese author Haruki Murakami and his take on isolation, loneliness and heightened awareness of the other dimensions of life that aren’t so detectable by our senses.

The music composed by Adam Simmons are part of a suite entitled The Language in Beauty
– 1 Raskolnikov’s folly
– 2 Myshkin and me
– 3 Breakfast with the Brothers Karamazov
– 4 All you need

The titles reference Adam’s love of Russian literature and the artistic impressions its authors have made on him.

The final two pieces are both extremely tender and fragile works one entitled ‘Glass’ (again by Adam) and the final track entitled ‘Homeland’ composed by Anita Hustas and Andrea Keeble.

Words is avalaible for purchase at the launch, a jazz-loving bricks ‘n’ mortar store near you, or from CD Baby or iTunes

Collider: Words



‘Breakfast with the Brothers Karamazov’ (Adam Simmons)


Collider is:
Adam Simmons – tenor saxophone
Kynan Robinson – trombone
Ronnie Ferrella – drums
Anita Hustas – bass
Jason Bunn – viola
Andrea Keeble – violin


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