ALBUM LAUNCH: ‘Self Aware of Myself’ Unfix with Penny Quartet and Georgie Darvidis

‘Self Aware of Myself’ is the debut release of Unfix, an ensemble that emerged from the Bennetts Lane Big Band following the closing of the club in 2016.

The project was funded with the assistance of a grant from the Australia Council and includes four new major works:

  • ‘Re:joice’ – by Ben Harrison
  • ‘Sleep Talk’ – by Reuben Lewis
  • ‘If I was a Ghost’ – by James Macaulay
  • ‘If We Were a Place’ – byJoe O’Connor

‘Self Aware of Myself’ weaves together song, interview fragments and spoken text to form fragmentary portraits. At the core of the project is set of interview questions by Georgie Darvidis that are whimsical, candid, and quietly revealing: “Do you sleep walk or talk?” “Can you tell me about a time when you felt intense relief to see someone you know at a difficult time?”

The compositions draw on interviews with female friends, family and partners. Each of these pieces responds to interviews in different ways. Some pieces include collages of spoken fragments and others include lyrics and prose narrative. These works are framed by four arresting interludes by Georgie that turn her questions back on the composers and use their words to chart the murky transition from youth to adulthood.

Use your words. – Darvidis

What did we talk about in the car? – Darvidis

Remember; it isnt real. – Darvidis

We dont hit. – Darvidis

Self Aware of Myself is launching on Sunday May 21st at the Jazzlab, at 27 Leslie St Brunswick, from 8:30pm.

Unfix will be supported by the Bowers/Darvidis Duo.


Georgie Darvidis – Voice

Nick Pietsch, James Macaulay – Trombone

Ben Harrison & Reuben Lewis – Ttrumpet

Scott McConnachie – Alto Saxophone

Shaun Rammers & Kieran Hensey – Tenor Saxophone

Jon Hunt – Baritone Saxophone & Clarinet

Joe O’Connor – Piano

Marty Holoubek – Bass

Hugh Harvey -Drums


Amy Brookman & Madeleine Jevons – Violin

Anthony Chataway – Viola

Anna Pokorny – Cello