The wait is over. Folk-Jazz-Roots powerhouse vocal trio Market Lane have just released their new ‘Train Line Sessions’ video, the second one documenting their work with the legendary Lisa Young. Four divine voices weaved together in a song that knows no genres and musical boundaries. Let yourself go and follow them lifting you to the skies.

Proudly Presenting: Market Lane feat. Lisa Young – Thru the Still Trees

Built on an elusive melody by Lisa Young, ‘Thru the Still Trees’ is flowing, going to every direction possible – or impossible. An open-ended song, it is the perfect vehicle for Market Lane to manifest their improvisational skills and interact with their idol, their voices intertwined to the point that, by the end of the song, what you hear is the sonic equivalent of a congregation of clouds against a multi-colour sky.

Gregg Arthur – My Songlines

“I wrote a song as a dedication to this particular genre of song and to Johnny Mercer, it’s called ‘Last Call’.
It’s a great thrill for me that I recorded the song with orchestra in studio A at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, the studio where Sinatra recorded so many saloon bar songs, and Johnny Mercer was one of the founders of Capitol Records. That’s poetry in action.”

Chris Botti: ‘I love the work ethic of being on the road and playing music for people’

“I’m not interested in doing something for fame’s sake. I’m interested in doing something that I respect and think its a good idea. I’d get a lot of fans if I collaborated with Justin Bieber but I have no connection with him musically, so I don’t go in that direction. I’m not going to collaborate with someone I don’t have real connection with. “